Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Lamp

I've had my eye on this lamp (the one on the right) from Pottery Barn for months. It's absolutely gorgeous and just what I wanted to give the room a little sparkle.  It's also big enough to make a statement without taking over the entire room. But it's pricey. Not crazy extravagant, but more than I wanted to spend on a lamp. And certainly outside my graduate student lamp budget. So I kept looking. And looking. And looking. But nothing compared and I never found something I liked as much as the original. So my wonderful brother and sister-in-law bought it for me for Christmas. Amazing family? Yes.

Then I started the hunt for a lamp shade. I really didn't want to spend $50 plus on the shade PB recommended. But I wanted one just like it. So I looked. And looked. Notice a theme? Good news is I'm getting more patient with my apartment choices. But this time my patience was rewarded. I walked into Target the other day and found the most perfect shade. Best part? Only $25. Winning.

Here is what the shelf looks like with the new addition.
 Here is the detail of the lamp up close. Even better in person than online. Seriously, I want to touch it every time I pass by. Creepy? Perhaps a little.
 And from farther out. The top of the book case is still a major work in progress.
Because I re-did the left side of the bookcase, I had to re-do the right as well. So here is how that looks right now. Also a work in progress.

 And since it's primarily on at night, here is how it looks when it's on when it's dark. Doesn't it just sparkle?
I love how it glows. Ok, enough gushing over a lamp. I'm done I swear.

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  1. I won't attempt to deceive the loyal readers here at YSL and pretend that lamps are my thing. Lamps are definitely not my thing. But as lamps go, I like this one. So, there you are.



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