Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Before 30 List

There is nothing like the end of a year and the beginning of another to make you think about what you've done and accomplished during the last 12 months and what you wish you had done or accomplished. To encourage myself to do more "life" things, I wanted to make a list of activities/goals to check off a list before I turn 30. That gives me about 6.5 years. I can feel myself getting all existential and I'm rolling my eyes at myself, so I'm going to get on with it.

1. Travel, travel, travel. My travel bug is getting worse by the minute. I can't even tell you how bad it's getting. I also figure I will have some babies in my 30's and that won't necessarily be conducive to traveling. Some of the top places on my list.

A) Paris. Really all of France. But especially Paris.

B) Spain. Especially Barcelona.

C) Ireland. I only spent about 40 hours in Dublin and a few days in Western Ireland and that simply wasn't enough. I've seen the historical sights in Dublin, but want to know the culture, art, and food scenes better. Plus I want to be able to wander around aimlessly, because that's how you really get to know a city, in my opinion.

D) England. I've been to London a few times, but bf only spent 36 hours in London and we have much more exploring to do. I also have explored a lot of Southern England, but the northern parts have my name written all over them.

E) Italy. I am fortunate enough to have Rome, Venice, Florence and Lake Como crossed of the list, but there are so many options left. The Amalfi Coast for example.

F) St. Petersburg. I don't know why, but it is so appealing to me.Canada. I'm putting this location on the list because bf is obsessed with hockey and insists we need to go, even though he's never been.

2. Finish my dissertation and begin the publication process. 

3. Own a home. One of these would do nicely :).

4. Get a dog. My parents have our family dogs, but I want my own. Preferably a very large one that looks like these babies. I will name him John Quincy Adams, Quincy for short. Or Napoleon. Or Lincoln.

5. Have a baby (oh, get married first). It would be nice if it looked like this.

6. Learn to sew. I can fix buttons, sew holes, etc. But I want to know how to work a sewing machine better. I'd like to be able to make things and hem things and quilt.

7. Learn to coupon. It is as foreign to me as another language. But so practical. Who doesn't like having more money in their pocket?

8. Make really good pies. The crust is the part that scares me off. But I feel like I can't really call myself a baker until I master pies.

9. Learn to speak French. I need to learn to read the language for my PhD, but I want to speak it for traveling purposes.

10. Learn more about cheese. I know it's snotty, but I love cheese and would love to be more knowledgeable. 


  1. I approve, with the following additions.

    1G: Montreal -- wear Ovi jersey, Caps apparel to Caps-Habs game at Bell Centre (post-game mugging highly likely).

    5: Bold, capitalize, underline, italicize that parenthetical (Font: red, Highlight: yes).

    10: Also learn common cheese descriptors so as to sound as snotty and pretentious as possible, regardless of accuracy ("a grass-rich, nutty cheese - age nine months and pair with chianti").

  2. Well the parenthesis is a given (or it should be) :). I'll get on the other two, but the ball is your court on number 5.


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