Monday, January 16, 2012

Baking Storm

I absolutely love baking (big surprise I know), but sometimes I bite off more than I can chew...or bake...or whatever. It's almost always my fault, I have trouble saying no. This reluctance comes from the fact that I genuinely do love creating baked goods for people. I think it's amazing way to show thought and care and is also very relaxing for me (usually). For example, my little 4 year-old niece has a nut allergy. I believe no four year old should have to avoid the dessert after a family dinner. So I almost always do my best to make a dessert when I'm around that is nut-free (both ingredients and processing). Not matter how much time it takes, it's always worth it when she asks in her little, tiny four-year-old voice "no nuts?" and I say "yes" and she just lights up. How could I not bake?

But last week, I went a little, well a lot overboard.

Wednesday morning I baked whole wheat peasant bread (I started Monday afternoon). Recipe to be shared this week.

Wednesday afternoon I baked chocolate chip cookies for a school gathering. Recipe here.

Thursday evening I baked molasses cookies for a 49ers tailgate (whoooo!). Recipe to be shared this week.

Friday morning, I made the cake of the Lemonade Layer Cake. Then I made the frosting and refrigerated it. Recipe here.

Friday afternoon, I made blueberry muffins for the tailgate. Recipe to be shared this week.

So now I'm breathing (and recovering from the 49ers game).


  1. Amazing to me that you have time to fit in the "Young Scholar" part of your life when there is so much baking to be done.

  2. I have amazing time management skills :)


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