Friday, January 27, 2012

Additional Kitchen Storage

So I finally bought a shelf thingy I was looking at for the kitchen. It was from Ikea and as Ikea stuff goes it's actually really sturdy. I was quite impressed when I put it together. Of course I got photo bombed. If you can believe it, I did not put him in the shelf. I looked up and he was there.

 I used two of these screws to install the shelving unit because the shelves are shocking heavy even though they don't look that big.
 They are pretty awesome actually. You hammer them into the wall and then unscrew the screw and re-screw it with the shelves in between.
 I screwed the shelf into the wall. Let me tell you it was no easy process doing it by myself. Because I had hold it up while standing on a chair and screw the screws into the wall. As you can probably see, it's a little crooked. Pisses me off to no end because I even used a level. But I guess hanging it straight while holding it up was just too much for 5' 3" me.
I filled up the shelves with some of my containers, but the bottom shelf was looking a little empty.
Much better.
 The very bottom has my food coloring, two spice mixes and the toothpicks.
 The second shelf has the vanilla beans and lentils.
 The next shelf has vanilla extract, whole nutmeg, and cloves.
The top shelf has quinoa and walnuts. It is so nice to clear up some additional space in the pantry, not that there is much space anyway. But any little bit help right?

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  1. But... but... there's no open shelf for Winston. What will he do?!?!


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