Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Desserts

The birthday desserts were a big success. Actually, I thought the cupcakes were a bit dry (I baked them less than last time, but that shows you how different ovens can be). The cake was great and I loved seeing my niece dig in! I baked my cupcakes like last time.
They puffed up beautifully.
I also make a little cake using a small pan.
 The next morning I made the frosting. I used the cream cheese from the pumpkin cupcake recipe (minus the cinnamin). I frosted the cake.
Then added a few decorations for the birthday girl
Using a plastic baggy, I piped frosting onto the cupcakes.
And added Hello Kitty rings on top at the request of the birthday girl.
 I love how they turned out.
The spread was so pink, girly and festive. I loved it! Makes me want to do desserts for more events!

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