Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another DIY Christmas Present

This image was my inspiration (thanks Pinterest!). I love the whimsical and girly feeling of these necklaces. I was determined to make one of necklaces for a Christmas gift. Given the description, I only had one friend whose style would work with these necklaces. (you probably know who you are, sorry for the spoiler).

 I started by purchasing some necklace chains and a few little circle charms. Then using the charm, I traced a bunch of circles on my fabric.
Here is the charm. It was quite ugly, but it didn't matter because it would be covered. Then, I cut out all of the circles.
Using a toothpick, I bunched each piece of fabric around the wood. Then, I put a tiny dab of glue on the point of the fabric and glued it to the charm.

 I started by gluing the first piece in the center and then just gradually working my way around the outside. Once all of the pieces were on, I did a little trimming just to make all the sides even.
Then I cut off a piece of necklace chain, attached the clasp and I was done! I love how it turned out and will almost definitely make one for myself. I love the texture and the vintage feel. I can't wait to give it to my friend and I hope she is as happy with it as I am!

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