Saturday, November 12, 2011

Updating My Pumpkin Pots

Remember these little black pots I created to house my pumpkins and gourds of Halloween? Well, I wanted to do something with them to extend their use during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here is my inspiration photo (source: pinterest, duh). The black pots weren't really working for me, so I picked up some gold and silver spray paint from the hardware store. Point of interest: the hardware store's spray paint is about half the coast of the spray paint at Michael's.

I picked a gold and silver can of Rustoleum. It covers ridiculously well. First, I did a thin coat of gold and then about a half an hour later did a silver coat.

At the same time, I also decided to make some stars for the top of my pine cones. First, I traced out some stars on a piece of cardboard.

Then I cut them out and gave them the same spray treatment as the pots.

Then I selected a few pine cones of various heights and stuck the star on top.

Then I tucked all three pots on top of my right bookshelf. I love the color of the pots. It's not gold, it's not silver. It's shiny and metallic and gorgeous.

I love how it adds a little rustic touch to the room. Sure it's not technically Thanksgiving decor, but I think it's winter-y enough to be fine. Plus it will be great for Christmas. I'm not sure my little pine cone trees will stay there, but they will definitely be part of a table setting for the holidays in one way or another.

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