Monday, November 7, 2011

To-Do List

I feel like I have made a ton of progress on my apartment, but I still have so much to do. Sometimes, with ideas running around in my brain, I get a little overwhelmed. I thought it might be fun to do a to-do list so I can see what short-term and long-term projects I still have left. Of course, I welcome any suggestions and input about where I could find items or alternative ideas!

Storage is still a major issue, while the space isn't growing at all. So, to utilize the wall above my trashcans, I thought something like this shelving unit would be really helpful. It needs to be really narrow because the door to access my washer and dryer opens towards the wall. It would be a great place to store some of my fancier oils and free up some space in my tiny pantry.

A wine rack. I'm not sure I love this one. I think I like the concept of dark wood, but something a little more rustic would be cool. Either way, there are two mini walls on either side of my pass through and I think a wine rack would look great hanging on one. I don't really drink wine, but I do use it to cook and my guests/bf like it, so I'd love to have some available.

Other various needs/wants: I still need to get a Dutch Oven (I know I've been talking about it forever), an ice cream/cookie dough scoop.

Living Room
If you look closely, my tv stand still doesn't have new knobs. Granted, I haven't been looking that hard. I just don't really know what I'm looking for exactly. I wanted something that is more antique looking, but other than that really haven't narrowed anything else down. Any ideas on where I should be looking? I'd love some inspiration here.

I think this space also needs a rug. not necessarily for softness, because I already have carpet, but as an introduction of some color and a way to ground the room. I think something with cranberry, like the rug on the left would be beautiful, but I could also go with something that has more light blue accents. The one on the left is actually a really good price for a rug that is almost 7 x 10 feet ($220 plus free shipping and returns in 30 days). But I'm feeling a little gun shy and frankly need to save up my pennies for a little while before I pull the trigger anyway. But it has so many great colors in it, that I think it would be a great way to pull a color pallet for pillows and future art. Thoughts?

This one could work year round, right?
Speaking of pillows- they are needed. But I've been waiting to get a rug because I want to make sure they compliment each other. Trust me it's been difficult, I'm a pillow hoarder. In a dream world, I would buy pretty much every holiday pillow from Pottery Barn. They are gorgeous.

Just a few other favorites while I'm at it.

Can you tell I'm in a Christmas mood? Anyways...

There is this little half wall next to the entry way. Right now, it's a space to drop my junk. I think it would be an awesome place for a little bench. It could be used as seating when I have people over, or a place to drop my purse on most days. Of course this course bench, which is beyond lovely, is from Pottery Barn and is $350. A touch out of my price range. I'm hoping to find something cool at a thrift or vintage store and recreate a similar look. I'll keep you posted.

While I'm drooling over Pottery Barn items, I might as well include these lamps. The top of my right bookcase in the living room screams out for a lamp and I think one of these little sparklies would be perfect. If only they weren't $100 and $120 dollars respectively. Drat.

There is a definite need for some large art over my dining room table. I love this poster- I just don't think it's right for over my dining room. It's perfect for an office- but I don't really want it in my bedroom over my desk, it's a little too large.

I adore this painting. Literally could not love a piece of art more. But, tragedy of all tragedies, I don't think it's available. I found it on pinterest, of course, but the link for the painting doesn't have it anymore. Boo.

At some point, I want to make a headboard like this one. I want to do a very subtle gray patterned fabric with a hammered nail head border. Depending on the fabric, the rug that is currently at the foot of my bed might clash, so I would look for a small rug that has more subtle blue and neutral colors.

My mom has a new arm chair coming for her living room and is going to give me their old one! I am planning to put it next to my desk for a nice sitting place, but it needs a new slipcover. The chair looks a lot like this one. I would love to find a charcoal colored slipcover and I will put a great, bold pillow to add some visual interest. Once I get the chair in place, I will need to see where some art needs to go. I'm thinking either above the desk, or chair, or both.

I think something like this piece from etsy, would be super cool. But, that's a long way off.

Finally, my desk needs a chair. I'm currently using a chair from my dining set, which is function until I find something I love. My plan is to find something that looks sort of like this one and re-upholster the cushion. Of course, this one is gorgeous and is on sale for the bargain price of $1195 from Restoration Hardware. No that wasn't a typo. Apparently it's an 18th century something. Don't worry, I nearly dropped my beverage in my lap when reading the price as well. So let's hope the thrift stores have something that's like...$1170 dollars cheaper. Or Craigslist. That would be great.

Ok, I think this post might be the longest I've written- or at least close. But it should give you a good idea of what I have planned. Thoughts?

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