Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Switcheroos

Now that it is November (seriously, how did that happen by the way?!?!?!), it was time for my Halloween decorations to come down. Sure the fall stuff could stay, but the outright scary boo-ness had to go (and the candy corns, much to my dismay). So I added a few Thanksgiving touches. I have a few more to make/hang/create/pull out, but I thought I would share these for now.

So instead of this little arrangement on my coffee table...

I have this little guy (stay tuned for details tomorrow about it's creation). I think the lacy-spider web runner doesn't really scream "thanks". The bowl with cats and jack-o-lanterns also was really Halloween limited thing.

 The table went from this....

to this.

The entry way ledge went from this...

to this. Yes, those are acorns. Yes I picked them up myself. And yes I baked them to make sure any creepy crawlies were dead.

And last but not least, these little guys were my Halloween tradition.

And these are my new Thanksgiving updates. That's right, my mom just took our tradition to a whole new, totally un-P.C. level. Here's to hoping my professor who has published several books on native studies never sees these or reads the blog. But until then, I love them.

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