Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cake Pan Centerpiece

 As you guys probably know, I'm sort of obsessed with Sherry and John over at YHL. But what you might not know, is that I'm similarly fanatical about Katie over at BP. Last Spring they came up with this hilarious idea to do a Pinterest challenge. The idea was, rather than just pinning all of these brilliant concepts on our boards, why not get off our tushes and actually make something! At the time, I wasn't able to participate- but this time their timing could not have been more perfect for my schedule! I was actually just about to start this project when I read about the Fall Pinterest Challenge on their blogs. And since I'm a pinterest freak as well, I figured I just had to do it. And I can't wait to see what they created (to see their projects, go here for Sherry, here for Katie, here for Erin and here for Ana)!

Image from here
My original idea was similar to this picture- but I pinned it so long ago (I think it was one of my very first pins) that now I can't seem to find it! Basically my original inspiration photo was like this but without the paper designs around the outside. You get the concept. So I marched off to the local thrift store to find old cake pans and candle sticks. Unfortunately they only had two similarly shaped pans (although one was smaller than the other) and one candlestick. Not to be deterred, I decided to make a slightly mini-version of my original concept and I can always add on later if I want. I wasn't sure what colors to go for, but I knew I would need to paint both the pans and the candlestick. See, the pans were different color silvers and would have looked pretty bad unpainted.

I decided a black candlestick with white pans would be really nice. It looks great for Halloween and Thanksgiving (you'll see in a minute), but also would look quite fetching with lemons and limes for spring, red apples/pomegranates with sprigs for Christmas, etc. Since this project was so easy, I could definitely see myself doing it again with other colors to have options. So last week when I was spraying my new frames black, I also covered the candle stick with a few coats. I did upside down and right side up to make sure I got all of the curves covered.

 Then I brought out my two pans. As you can see one is a shiny silver and one isn't. Yuck.
This photo was my first coat coverage. Not so great. I learned with white paint, it's a lot faster to spray a little closer up than with other colors. You get much more even coverage and less wasted "wind spray".
Second coat coverage.
 Third coat coverage. Much better!
Then, using a pencil and a ruler, I measure the center of the pan and traced a little circle around the candlestick, so I would know where to place it. I had to experiment a few times with the glue. It held much better when I applied the glue to the stick rather than the pan.
 Then I flipped it over and did the same thing to the bottom...
 while trying to convince kitty it was NOT a good idea to paw or eat the glue.
Once the glue dried and cooled I placed some gourds and pumpkins in the trays and plopped it on my coffee table.
I love that the neutral colors really allows the filling to stand out. I will definitely be using this baby again!


  1. Thank you! I love it and will definitely be making more in a variety of colors!

  2. i love this - great job!



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