Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pine Cone Garland

This photo was my inspiration for this project (from Pinterest of course). I love the simply, rustic tough it adds to the fireplace in the photo. Unfortunately, I didn't have quite as many pine cones as I wanted...or a fireplace mantle, but I made do.

First, I went to the hardware store and picked up a handful of screw-in hooks. It became clear almost immediately that I wasn't going to be able to actually screw them in. No upper body strength=no screws in pine cones. So, I improvised and hot glued the screws to the pine cones. Worked like a charm.

Then, I took out the white ribbon I bought at the Dollar store a ways back. I hammered in one small nail on either side of the window (hidden by curtains). Then I hole punched a hole on one edge of the ribbon and slipped it over the nail. I measured out how much ribbon I would need, cut it off, then hole punched the other side and slipped it on the nail as well. Next, I eyeballed where the pine cones should hang and hole punched holes there too. I slipped the loops into the holes and I was done.

All done! How easy was that? Seriously, the hardest and most time consuming part was simply gathering the materials, but once that was done, I was finished!

Here is another shot from the side so you can see the pine cones a little bit better. I love how it turned out!

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