Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Gold, Silver and White Centerpiece

This tray would be a beautiful little centerpiece for a small side or entry table. I happen to have it on my counter in between the kitchen and dining room, but who know, that could change.

I started by gathering a bunch of small sized pine cones left over from my pine cone hunting adventure up in the mountains in September. Thank you pinterest for allowing me to plan my crafts way too far in advance. Then, I spray painted the pine cones using the same technique as I did for the little pots. First, I did a coat of silver, then a coat of gold. Then I flipped them over and repeated on the other side.

Once the cones were nice and dry, I plopped them in my big white tray with some small circular candles and I was done! Super simple, quick and very elegant. I love silver, gold and white!

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