Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Gallery Wall Reveal

Finally right?

from YHL

Once I had my inspiration photo, I just needed to build up the energy to get started. Easy peezy. Except not.
Two weeks ago I told myself my must-be-completed date was Thursday, October 27 because bf was arriving. It's not so much that I wanted to finish to amaze him, but I needed to get all of the dang frames off of my bedroom floor. It was getting ridiculous. So I pulled together everything I wanted to include on the wall and started snipping up paper shapes. One shape for each frame.

I found the rough midpoint of the wall and hung up my two largest pieces roughly the same distance from the center.

Then I started hanging the cutouts. I finally found an arrangement I really liked, then realized that I hadn't necessarily marked which direction the cutouts were supposed to be hung. So I had to match up all of the frames to the cut outs to make sure it worked.

Luckily, only a few had to be changed. Once I settled on a design, I lived with it for a few hours. Just to make sure it looked good from all angles and in different lights.

Here is what the floor looked like once I matched up the frames and the cut outs. I told myself I would return to the project on Sunday (I was going to be gone all of Saturday and most of Sunday) and I had a fair amount of school work to finish on Friday. Good plan..........except that once I got started I had trouble stopping.

This picture is the best full frontal picture I could get
So I started hanging things. Most of the frames I was able to just pop a little nail into the wall through the paper, tear away the paper and hang the frame. That part was quick and easy. So much faster than hanging the cutouts. But then, a few frames needed new hanging pieces and a few frames needed pictures. Enter a week of errands, school, papers, etc. I actually made my deadline, but two of the frames didn't have pictures. Hence the delay with my posting. I finally got the new hardware needed and hung those last little frames. But I still needed those two last pictures. And my little picture printer wasn't working. Buggar. So I went to the drugstore, got them printed and finally got everything hung up!

Here is my view from my desk.

As an aside, when I look to my left while sitting at my desk, this is what I see.

Here is the view from the bathroom.

Here is the view from the couch.

This view shows the left side.

This view shows the right side.

I must say, it makes me so beyond happy. It was a lot of work, but so worth it in my opinion. Here is one of my favorite parts.

Here is another favorite. It's an awesome postcard a friend brought back from Buenos Aires.

And last, but not least. I, of course, love the pictures of me and my family and bf- but I am not zooming in on those because of privacy concerns. The small paintings from my travels are also amazing and I'm glad I finally found a great place for them. Thanks so much to John and Sherry for the inspiration!

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