Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pillow Progress

I was house sitting for my parents for a few days and I have so many updates on my apartment progress! I'll start with my pillows- because everything else still needs some tweaking. I love my white bedding, but the problem is- you can't really have one cream pillow surrounded by all white. I suppose if I intentionally layered creams and whites from the beginning it would have been ok- but it's too late for that now. Anyway, I've been on the constant hunt for reasonably priced pillows that are pure white, which has taken a while. I thought I had found something I really liked at Bed Bath and Beyond on Thursday. It had these great knots in the front and added a lot of texture. I brought it to the apartment....and fail. It was way too cream. So I took it back and while I was there found these other pillows there.

The big square ones in the back are my recent purchase. The bed is still very much a work in progress. I still want to get rid of the blue pillow and get some other assorted white pillows. My next few purchases will be singles, rather than pairs because right now I think it look a little too weirdly matched. I might substitute out one of the middle-sized white ones at some point as well to make it look intentionally mis-matched. My goal is for them all to be white, but to have lots of different textures and patterns to add interest. I think I might need to get another large square one- probably for in the middle of the bed- so you don't have that gap.

This picture shows the texture and pattern. They are also really comfortable and perfect for back support when I am reading or watching something on my computer. While looking at the overall picture still sort of overwhelms me- I'm really happy with the progress that is slowly being made and I think these pillows were a really important step.

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