Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I feel like the organizing, unpacking, situating after my move is taking forever. The truth is it's totally my fault because I didn't do it all at once. I just wanted to feel like I wasn't pressured to make decisions quickly and then regret them later, I guess. Either way, I'm working on it and making baby steps.

I started my organization kick by picking up another tray. The drawer is still totally packed and ridiculous, but it's better. Unfortunately, I only have two drawers in my entire kitchen- one has all of my silverware and one has everything else. Totally ridiculous, I know.

I know this picture is awful and I apologize. Right now I have all of my heavy scarves hanging right here, but just a few days ago, I had every single scarf I own jammed on that bar.

So, I got two of these awesome scarf hangers and hung up most of my scarves on them. Then I hung up two heavy duty hooks for each hanger. Only problem was, the next morning when I woke up, each hook had fallen and the scarves were on the floor. Boo.

So for right now, I have both scarf hangers in the closet. It's not really an ideal situation, but at least it's way better than it was before. I'm still hoping to find a way to hang them in a way that makes each scarf more visible. If you have any ideas, I want to hear them!

Finally, I found this awesome trick on Pinterest. Rather than buying tons of pairs of boot trees, you use skirt hangers! It's amazing. It doesn't hurt the boots either because it pinches the inside of each boot and keeps them upright.

It is such an amazing trick because it clears up the floor and makes everything so much neater. Of course, there were certain boots, like my rain boots, that I wear all the time, so I didn't bother hanging those up.

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