Friday, October 7, 2011

My Foray into Wreath Making

After this post, I only have one more Halloween project to share and then I'm done, I promise. I wanted to have a cheerful fall wreath on my door this year and I thought it would be fun to try to create one myself. I think I was successful, although it definitely took longer than I expected (mostly because I procrastinated).

I started with one of these vine wreath bases. Michael's was having a sale and they were 50% off, so I bought two- just in case I totally ruined the first one and needed a second try (which didn't happen so I can use the next one for Christmas-yay!). I also bought the little glue gun up in the right corner. I didn't have one and since apparently I've decided to become crafty, I decided it was necessary.

I got a big bag of little pumpkins at Safeway for around five dollars and used lots of hot glue to attach the baby pumpkins. I then tore up bunches of fake fall leaves I bought at Michael's (also on sale) and stuck them in the vines around the pumpkins and secured with a few little drops of hot glue. At this point I also used some wire I had to create a hanging device. I just made a loop and then twisted a piece of wire around a vine on each side and forgot to take a picture.

I let the glue dry and then went to hold up the wreath and a giant "PLUNK", quickly followed by two more filled the apartment. Drat. The pumpkins were too heavy and fell off. I as left with nasty glue rings like this one. I picked off most of the remaining glue and told myself I would go get fake pumpkins the next day...

...and the wreath sat on my table for almost a month before I made my way back to Michael's. Le shame. I tried a bunch of other, closer, stores but didn't have any luck finding pumpkins that looked even remotely real. So I shelled out another $5 (marked down from $10- yay Michael's sales) and bought a bag of fake pumpkins and gourds. I then glued on my fake and much lighter pumpkins and let the glue dry.

Using a small command hook, I nervously hung up my wreath, crossing my fingers that nothing would fall. A few notes- I know you aren't supposed to see the hook, next time I make a wreath I'll take that into account. Also, excuse the random green box, I removed my address number for safety and my photo shop skills really could use some work. Frankly I'm proud of myself for figuring it out at all.

...and from farther away. If the green box wasn't there it would be perfect! Well, if you ignore the obvious glue drops and the visible hook. But I love it! Thoughts? Anyone else make a wreath for the holidays? Have an easier time of it than I did?


  1. I'm sorry you don't like it. I guess to each his own!


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