Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Hallway Projects

A few weeks ago, I was at a local Art and Wine Festival. One of the stalls had amazing wooden letters from old printing presses. Because of the nature of technology, they are over 100 years old. Any pretty much anything that old is awesome in my book. Since it was a festival though, the letters were a little pricier than I expected. I was happy to shell out $5 per letter for a few, but I wasn't going to go farther than that. So I got a J and an L- which on their own don't make much sense.

At one of my many recent Michael's trips, I picked up this heart (which is wooden) and a little bottle of pink paint. I then used a little foam brush to paint on a few coats of paint (giving the prior coat about 24 hours to dry in between).

Right now I just have my little figures sitting on the counter, but when the time comes for hanging things, I will use a few little command strips to hang the letters and the heart. I love how it will add some depth and interest to the wall. I'm sure this little project will not be the first time I buy old letters!

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