Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

I'm so not the fairest of them all this morning. Just saying. mom gave me this mirror when I moved out to CA. It used to belong to grandmother. I love the ornate details and the really old world feel. Sure I don't want me entire apartment to be this sparkly and frilly, but a touch here and there is just perfect. I think it also screams "girl's bedroom!". Which is exactly where I decided it needed to go.

I originally thought I might want it to go in the little nook to the left of where it is hanging now. But my bedroom badly needs some light and I think a floor lamp is going to have to take over the nook. Instead, it gets to be center stage on this mini-wall.

A head-on shot, so you can see some more detailing. Just to give you perspective, I think its about 2.5 feet tall. I used one of those museum hangers I've talked about in the past. I used a two-prong hanger that could support up to 50 lbs for two reasons. 1) I'm neurotic about things falling and always plan for more weight than I need. 2) I already had it in my tool box and didn't want to go to the hardware store.

And here is a view to show you from the side with some of the rest of the room. At some point, I think I'll need to do a video of the bedroom because there really isn't a good way to get the whole room in one shot. Oh well, good goal for the future.

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