Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Halloween Project

I had planned on writing a different post tonight. A long post. A non-Halloween post. An educated post. But, I just got home from six hours of seminar, complete with an awful nose bleed in the middle of the third hour and frankly my mood can only be described as horrifically awful. The post I planned on is simply not going to happen. So in that delightful light, I am bringing you my last Halloween project. A fuzzy, warm post.

I started this project by picking up three little rust colored pots from Michael's at about $1.20 a piece. I must confess, this project was sort of fuzzy in my brain, luckily it turned out ok. I also picked up a can of black flat spray paint. I figure it's a good thing to have around. I then sprayed the pots upside down. I sprayed about 3 light coats every 20 minutes. I then let the pots dry for about 3 hours and then flipped them over.

I sprayed the rims of the pots with two coats. As you can see, I didn't bother covering the inside of the pots because I knew no one would see them.

Once the pots had dried for about 24 hours, I played around with big and little pine cones. I spent a weekend in the mountains in September and collected two big bags of pine cones of various sizes. I was so excited about getting all of these free cones, I can't even tell you. Either way, as soon as I set up the pine cones, I really didn't like the big ones. At least not with just the black pots and nothing else. My goal is to use the pine cones during Christmas with some evergreen sprigs and maybe some cranberries. We will see. I might have to spray the pots a different color. Not well thought out, I told you.

So, then I tried adding some leaves to the bottom of the medium-sized cones. Hated that too. It looked so much cuter in my head. If I can find strands of orange beads or orange cranberry-sized things, I think it would be really cute draped around the top lid of the pot. I might try that next year. But who knows, that could crash and burn too. I'm clearly no professional.

After I totally struck out with the pine cones, I was a little bummed. I had a few extra fake pumpkins/gourds left over from my wreath project, so I thought I would give those a shot. What you don't see in this picture is that the pumpkins sunk half way into the pots. So I stuffed some packing peanuts into the bottom of the pot and rested the pumpkins on top. I actually really liked how this looked.

The baby pumpkins looked cute too!

I decided to place the pots on the half wall right next to my front door. They are low enough so they don't block the line of sight, but add a nice little holiday fun to the entry way. It's really not what I had planned, but it's all about making lemonade out of lemons (or thwarted projects as the case may be)!

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