Thursday, October 20, 2011

Homemade Coasters

This project was one that I originally planned to do and write about last Thursday. Best laid plans. Ugh. Anyways, after buying my new coffee table, it quickly became clear to me that I needed some coasters. I am always studying, reading, doing something on my couch and usually a beverage is not far away. But I didn't want to buy some boring, single colored coaster. I wanted them to be colorful and fun.

This picture was my inspiration, from Pinterest, of course. I love them. I love how sophisticated and stylish they look. I love that I can pick my own colors and designs. So off I went to Michael's to get some supplies. I picked out my papers, the felt, got the Modge Podge while I was there, and even clear sealer. Unfortunately, they don't have white tiles. Bummer. So I thought I would try the Ace Hardware near my parents' house. No dice. So then I figured I'd try the Ace near my apartment. It's bigger than any other Ace I've ever seen and they have everything....except tiles.

 At this point I was frustrated. I didn't want to drive 20 minutes away to find a tile store and this project was already a week longer than I thought it would take. So I was wandering around the home section and found these cork coaster things. I thought they might work. Note to self/spoiler: desperation purchases really aren't a good idea. Anywho, I brought them home, ready to give it a try and full of optimism. I traced circles around the coasters on the back of the paper, like so and then carefully cut them out.

 These are my circles all ready to go.
 I then modge podged the back and front of the paper to the coaster. I have no idea why this picture is so darn awful. I must remind myself to check this sort of thing from now on! I let the modge podge dry for a few hours and then took them outside.
I used a satin clear sealer and spray three coats on the coasters. One coat every hour or so until they were done. Then I let them dry for about 12 hours before using them. You can see the top ones (in the sun) display the satin finish really nicely. I think they definitely needed more coats of modge though to really look sealed around the edges. I love the paper and they work fine, but I feel very blah about the cork. It just really doesn't have that finished look that I wanted. Oh well, I am resolved to view this as a practice run and since I have lots of extra paper, once I finally get tiles, I will try again. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes once I try it. Until then, at least my coffee table won't get rings on it.

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