Monday, October 17, 2011

The Beginning of My Hallway Gallery

Other titles I considered were "my floor hasn't seen daylight in days" or "the worst planned art project ever". But, the moral of the story is I have finally started planning my hallway gallery. It's a long process and I am still very much in middle of it, but any progress is better than none, right?

Picture from here
So far, I've been focusing on collecting whatever I want to hang, making some art, and buying various black frames. This photo is my original inspiration. It came from Young House Love- pretty much my favorite blog ever. If my walls were gray, I would undoubtedly do white frames, I love the look. But my hallways are that awful dirty white color that every single apartment building seems to use and it really really doesn't layer well with crisp white frames. Plus, I had a bunch of black frames already, so I decided to run with it. Anyway, I have a few projects to share with you, including this one, which was the worst planned project ever.

I have an amazing picture of my grandfather and one of his pocket knives. Every day for his entire life he has carried a pocket knife and so has collected a gigantic box full of them. A few years ago he let me pick one out and I found an amazing gold one with his initials. I wanted to put together some sort of shadow box that had the picture and knife, but I wasn't quite sure how- so I winged it. First, I bought a shadow frame that came with a few different levels of depth. Then I brought the frame home and realized there was no material to attach the photo or the knife. Drat. Really didn't think that through. So I went back to Michael's, bought photo stickers and a large piece of black foam. I needed something thick enough to hold up the knife as well. I then attached the stickers to the back of the photo (I left the cover on the bottom right corner just so you could see what they looked like).

These were the stickers I used. They really didn't work, at least not on the foam, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Then I attached the photo and the knife with the stickers.

I then put the photo in between books to seal the stickers. Unfortunately a few hours later, when I went to pick up the foam, the photo and knife basically popped off. Double drat. Luckily while I was at Michael's the second time I picked up a tub of Modge Podge for a different project. I dabbed some podge on the back of the photo and put it in between the books again. Then I had the brilliant idea to use some of the black thumb tacks leftover from my pumpkin Halloween project. The big black tack heads didn't look right, so I tried putting the pins in from the back.

Once the glue dried I carefully assembled the frame, keeping the knife in place.

This picture isn't the best because of the glare, but I love how it turned out and I think it will look great on my wall (eventually).

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