Sunday, September 25, 2011

A tool chest for my tootsies

Well technically it's my new coffee table. But originally it was a tool chest from the second half of the 1800's. I really wasn't expecting to find a coffee table like this one- in fact, I was searching for something round and something rustic. I definitely wanted something that had a more warn look to warm up the space. And I was thinking I needed something pretty large because the open space in between the TV and the couch.

My mom and I were browsing through some antique and consignment stores on Friday and I found this beauty at Sundance Antiques in Walnut Creek. This store is full of treasures. It was love at first sight. Although it wasn't really what I expected, I wondered if I could make it work for my coffee table.

Aren't the handles on the side incredible?

Here is the front. I did a little research about these chests and apparently they were never mass made or made in a factory. The only one that exist are handmade and usually lived in garages for years- so they are super rare. Be still my beating heart.

The storage is also pretty fantastic- and one can never have enough of that!

For a coffee table, it's also really practical because the top is nice and rough and loved. I like to say it has "character". But that means it will only get prettier with time. The color in this picture is weird, sorry, it's not at all gray- it's actually a warm honey tone.

This picture shows how it adds some nice warmth to the room.

I think the contrast between the couch and the table is particularly nice.

So in terms of numbers, it was what I like to call an "investment piece". It was expensive. And I'm pretty cheap so it hurt my soul a little. But, I will have this piece of furniture forever. The other coffee table I was looking at was about half the price, but I didn't love it. The way I figure it- if I bought two coffee tables in my life (which, lets be honest, is probably a low estimate) then it would be the same amount as this one and this one will be paid off. I know that the money is worth it in the long term to have something I love. Plus it's crazy sturdy and has small wheels on the bottom so it can be used wherever I need it. I could even use it as a bench or a seat at some point.

I hope you like it as much as I do- let me know what you think!


  1. It is AMAZING! I wish we had good antique stores around here... BTW, the second to last picture of your living room looks great. It's really coming together!

  2. Thanks so much! Maybe next summer if you are around we can do a road trip to that crazy antiques place we read about!


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