Saturday, September 24, 2011


I had such a productive apartment weekend. I also got to spend lots of quality family time, including attending an olive oil tasting with my mom, seeing a production of the Wizard of Oz with my nieces, and cheering on my niece at her soccer game. Tomorrow, I will start to share some of the amazing furniture I purchased, but until then here are the textiles I purchased. I got both from Pier 1- there are some great sales going on now!

First, I got this throw. It feels like heaven- sort of a mix between a soft rabbit, a chinchilla and the soft side of velvet. I think it was originally priced at $36, but it was 30% off.

This is what the texture looks like on the one side. I was originally concerned that the cream would look weird with the white bookshelves and some of the white walls, but I learned an excellent design lesson. The minute I brought it into my apartment, it immediately warmed up the space. The texture and design of the blanket and the variation of color really added some much needed dimension.

I also bought this small carpet for the kitchen. It's a little more colorful and contemporary than my taste usually runs, but it's perfect for the kitchen and adds some great liveliness.

Here is what the texture looks like up close. The red also goes great with my red cooking accents. Oh and the best part: it was $16.99. Awesome.

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