Monday, September 26, 2011

A Place to Write....Thousands and Thousands of Words

I'm usually not much of a desk studier. I'm more of a couch, chair, floor, recliner, you name it type of studier. I absolutely can't read in a desk. But when the next few years are going to be filled with hundreds of pages of papers, I have to adapt accordingly- either than or completely destroy my neck, back and carpel tunnels. So a desk quickly became a to-buy priority. My goal with this apartment was to buy furniture I really loved. I wanted to start collecting pieces that I would keep for years, even decades. I figure I might spend more now, but in the long run I'd save money by not buying several pieces I only feel so-so about.

I found this gorgeous desk at another consignment store in Walnut Creek, Consignment Plus. It has a dark mark where the lamp base is- but other than that, it's perfect. There are three drawers on the left, the large one in the center and then two drawers on the right. The bottom drawer is actually extra deep and has a built in hanging device for files.

I love the detail on the legs.

Here is a close up of the pulls.

Here is a view from farther back. You might not be able to tell from this picture, but this sucker is huge. It's five feet wide. That's a lot of space for notebooks, laptops, keyboards, etc.

Although it was  more expensive than a Craigslist find- I had to do nothing to improve it and it was only a little more expensive than this new desk from Office Max. But mine is vintage and I think way prettier. I hope you agree!

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