Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pantry Re-Do

Ok the title is a major exaggeration. Really, I just made a few small updates. But they did help.

One of the things that is on my "not-so-favorite" list is the storage space in the kitchen. I love that the kitchen has great counter space and opens to the rest of the apartment, but the storage really kind of sucks. This is the best pantry space I could create- and by doing so I took up two whole cabinets. But since I bake and cook a lot, I needed the space. I have some ideas in the works about how to add more space to the kitchen, but I haven't quite decided yet. Anyway, you can see that the pantry is already bulging and I haven't even brought in all of the crazy ingredients that usually reside in my kitchen.

I got this awesome spinning spice rack at Bed Bath and Beyond and I love that it twirls. It really makes the space so much more usable. And of course, the spices are organized alphabetically.

But, unfortunately the shelves aren't high enough to accommodate the spices standing on the top layer (and they can't be moved up). So I have the spices laying on their side. Which works fine for storage, but I can't see the labels (because I'm short).

So, to solve this problem, I bought labels and created individualized labels for each spice bottle. It worked great!

In my efforts to get the baking supplies more organized, I wanted to get some air tight containers. Unfortunately, the only containers big enough to hold a bag of flour didn't fit in my shelves. Since I have counter space to spare, I figured I would get nice pretty canisters. These babies were from Amazon and were only like $36 for all three! So far the quality seems to be really good.

I also love that each one has a different design- subtle enough that they go together well, but not too matchy. Here is the big one.

Here is the little one. This picture is terrible, but basically it's a little olive branch.

Here is the mid-sized one. It has stripes like the big one, but rather than dots, it's more of a branch-like design.

And here is what the left side of the pantry looks like after I removed the three bags. It's still kind of crazy, but it's better!

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