Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I had intended to write this post earlier today, but my Comcast installation was 2 hours late, to start! Anyway, my internet is up and running now and I am even watching my beloved Giants while I write. So back to the move. The first day of the move consisted of bringing lots of stuff to the apartment, as well as painting the bedroom. The mattress was being delivered Saturday afternoon and I was planning on sleeping in the apartment Sunday night, so I needed the paint to be completely dry and the room properly aired out.

A ways back, I mentioned my beautiful blue quilt for my bed. This item was really my inspiration for the room. As you can see, the pattern is gorgeous (at least I think so!). I wanted a blue color for the wall that was slightly lighter in color than the quilt. The plan for the move was to head up to the paint store, get samples, then head up the apartment. We left at 8:30, only to realize about 100 feet away from the house that there was something seriously wrong with the right rear tire. We originally thought it was a flat, so we went to the gas station and added air. Air actually made the problem worse. We stopped and looked at the tire and there was a gigantic bulge. Drat. So after dropping the car off at Big-O tires to have the problem fixed, we took the other car to the paint store and then to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up lots of necessities. We finally left Big-O for the apartment and arrived around 11. After dealing with a bunch of stuff, we got the samples up and were finally able to start with the painting process.

One of the very few complaints I have with my apartment is that there is no overhead lighting- or hardly any. So, the colors are incredibly hard to see. Plus, this picture was taken in the afternoon and the light wasn't fantastic. Either way, we ended up choosing the top color, which is Benjamin Moore Constellation. The bottom color was White Satin or something like that-it was way too bright and had almost an iridescent tone. Benjamin Moore isn't the cheapest paint, but it's so worth it because it covers beautifully. We only needed one coat to add some serious color to the walls. My mom did the trim and I did the rolling and then we both went back and did touch ups.

This shot shows the colors a little better.

This is what the room looked like after we finished painting that evening.

This picture shows the color a little better, although it is reading way too gray in this shot. It's much more blue.

This is the next morning, which shows the blue a little better.

Day 2 was living room paint day. I wanted a light-ish gray to go with my couch. I was anticipating wanting a really light gray, but once we got the colors up on the wall, I really liked the lower color. As my mom said, it had way more depth.

Here is another shot that shows the colors, although the wall is reading a little more yellowish that it is. I don't remember the paint name and I'm way to comfy to go get the paint can from my storage locker. I'll update the post later to include the name.

This is the vaulted ceiling- again we only needed one coat. Which is amazing (so are the high ceilings). Although I didn't love having to stand on the ladder to do the trim (we switched roles the next day because our arms were killing us).

This picture shows the gray quality much better than the former picture, although it really isn't this dark (I clearly need a better camera or need to learn how to use mine).

This is the entire side of the room at the end of day 2.

Tomorrow, I will share my furniture and the beginning stages of my decorating. But more importantly, what do you think of the paint?!?!?

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