Sunday, September 11, 2011


When one is as completely and totally anal about things as I am, one needs organization. In fact, without it, I get nervous. Itchy. Fidgety. You get the picture. I also have a lot of stuff. The kitchen in particular was in serious need of some help. It looks great on space- but in reality, not so much. Lots of awkward angles, false drawers and limiting cabinet heights. Never fear, I have found some ways to improve the space.

First, dark cabinets help no one. So I got a bunch of tap lights at Walmart and stuck them inside two particularly dark cabinets. Next, I added some much needed vertical dividers to keep lids from tumbling all of my toes when I pulled something out. Not only is it practical, but it greatly reduces the cursing in my apartment. Double plus. (This idea was a brilliant find from Pinterest, btw).

I also got another vertical divider for my baking sheets. It's amazing how much easier these babies are to access this way.

As I was photographing this space, my little helper wanted to assist. Sort of annoying, but super cute too.

The under-sink space is one of the largest cabinets, so to maximize usage, I got a wide shelfy guy for there. I will probably end up with more bags/paper type things/who knows what as I move forward.

The bathroom space is also one of my favorites. These cupboards are incredibly big. Since I am keeping my extra linens in my chest (see below), I was able to use one of these cabinets for glassware, candles, etc. Since so many of my candles are votives and this cabinet is surprisingly high, a shelf was perfect for this space.

I am also very excited to report that the first official sign of fall showed up in the store and in my apartment. Yay!

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