Friday, September 16, 2011

Not in the Mood to Cook

To be honest, since I've moved to California, my cooking desire has been hibernating. I did make some homemade crackers and fancy appetizers for a family dinner and last night I pulled together these for my nieces (sorry for the terrible picture btw).

Anyway, the other night I decided I really needed to stop just eating leftovers, cereal or packaged stuff. I had picked up some tomatoes, corn and basil at the local farmers market and I wanted to try and recreate this amazing salad my mom makes. So first, I chopped up some tomatoes, sliced the basil and boiled the corn for about 8 minutes. I then mixed together the tomatoes, basil and some balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

When the corn was done, I sliced it off and added it to the mix. To be honest, the salad was less than fantastic and I really need to stick with the original recipe. One day I'll make that dish and share it here. But at least I turned on the stove. Who knows what I'll do next!

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