Monday, September 5, 2011

My New Apartment

This post is long overdue! I apologize for the delay! I stayed at my parent's house for the first few days I was moving in, but I was so darn tired after painting and moving three days straight, I literally couldn't lift my arms to type. Then last night, I was ready to discuss, but I didn't have internet, as my cable hasn't been installed yet. Anyway, without any further delay, here is my new home!

When you walk in the front door, this is the first area of the apartment you see, it's the dining room. The door goes out to my balcony.

Just to the left of the dining room, is the fireplace. It works! And burns wood! I can't tell you how excited I am about this feature.

There are these large windows just to the left of the fireplace, and this room is the living space.

This pass through goes into the dining room, but is one of the better views of the kitchen. It's tiny (it doesn't look that small, but there are a lot of phony drawers- which is really annoying), but it is well lit and I love that is open to the rest of the apartment.

Here is the bathroom, nothing to exciting, but nice counter space and a surprising amount of storage. The bathroom can be accessed from both the hallway and the bedroom (there are two doors).

In the hallway in between the bathroom and the bedroom, there is a nice closet. Most of it is nice hanging space, then on the right there are these great shelves. They are just calling for some purses :).

Welcome to the bedroom. It's a great size and these windows give great natural light.

On the left hand side (if you are entering from the door), there is a hallway into the bathroom. There is a sliding door closet on the right and a small walk-in closet on the left. I LOVE the closet space in this apartment- it's one of my favorite parts.

Tomorrow, I will be back with my painting progress. I love the colors and hope you will too!

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