Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mirror Mirror On The...Fireplace?

As I mentioned yesterday, I bought a mirror for above the fireplace. Originally, it was about 30 x 40 inches I think. While the size worked well technically, visually it was just way too large.

So I returned it to HomeGoods and bought this mirror. Not only do I really like it, but it also is more detailed and intricate and lighter to lift.

See the nice details?

I had picked up a few of these museum hangers when I first moved in. I used two, just to be safe. Each holds about 20 pounds and the mirror can't possibly be more than 20 pounds, so I figure it will be ok. In order to hang the mirror, I started by measuring the space above the fireplace. I then marked the center of the fireplace wall (26.5 inches). Next, I measured how far from the bottom of the mirror the wire was hanging (36.5) and how far from the center the hangers should be (10.5 inches). Then, I marked the spots and hung a gold hanger in each spot.

After a little tweaking to make sure the mirror was straight and a quick moment to clean the glass, I was all done! What do you think? I'm kind of in love with it!

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