Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Living Room: Do I or Don't I?

The other day when my godmother was visiting, she suggested an alternative layout for my living room. Today, I was determined to procrastinate from the thousands of pages I have to read for school and I decided to give her suggestion a shot. I never thought it would work, but since I was procrastinating anyway, I didn't much care. I'm still not entirely sold on either layout and so I want your help. Which do you think looks better?

Old Layout
Reading Nook

Corner of couch against the bookshelf

Dining Space

New Layout

Please ignore the mess.

See how badly this space craves a coffee table?

A little squished.

Someone was pissed I was touching his house. He laid on the bottom shelf the entire time I was moving it and wouldn't get off.

I realized after I moved stuff around that I don't have any big pictures of the old layout, so it's a little hard to picture. Of course, if everyone thinks the new layout looks wacky, then I'll move stuff back. But I'm 5' 3" and moving a couch and a recliner by myself isn't exactly simple. 

As far as I can tell, these are the pros and cons of the new v. old layout.

Pros of new layout:
1. My couch isn't in the direct sunlight, so it won't fade and I don't have to worry about covering it with a blanket to prevent fading.
2. The position of the couch is more central and conducive to watching television. Since it's really comfortable (and new), I'd like to use it more and this position definitely makes that possible.
3. I use the living room more than any space in the apartment, so having the best possible layout in here makes sense.
4. The sofa does provide a little separation and definition for the different spaces.
5. I like that the window side of the living room is less visually heavy and it frees up a few of the lower shelves that were semi-blocked by the couch.
6. Winston is obsessed with the new location of his scratchy post/house/tower thing. He lies in the sun for hours and looks out the window.

Cons of the new layout:
1. The dining room is a little more squished. Not totally squished, but just a little. I'm not sure this is a major issue since I don't use the table that often, but when I do entertain for more than 4, I'd need to move the couch.
2. I don't love how central the cat's scratchy post thing is- while he loves it, I don't want it to the be the focal point of the living room.
3. I'd really need to step up my game and get a coffee table/ottoman sooner rather than later. A place for my drink/books/feet is really necessary if I'm spending a lot of time on the couch. Not to mention the room looks weird without it.

It appears that the pros outweigh the cons. But the truth is, if it looks weird, numbers don't matter at all. So, anyway, I need your input! I want your opinions!

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