Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Tidbits

Now that most of my major furniture is in my apartment is moved in, I've been making minor changes, additions and tweaks. I did some shopping yesterday, and while I'm super exciting about a few new Halloween decorations, I think perhaps September 13 is a little early to share that stuff (although I'm sorely tempted). Once I get my apartment thoroughly decorated for the holiday, I'll be sure to share every detail.

Until then, I will have to settle with my small purchases. Once of the things I noticed almost right away, is the large amount of little things and trinkets that are everywhere. I know they will eventually find their own special place, but for now it is driving me crazy. So the other day, when I was browsing at a local thrift store for perfect antique furniture and I stumbled upon these trays. Sure they were a little dirty and desperately needed a polish, but they were perfect for catch-alls.

After a nice cleaning, this one was assigned to the bedside table.

I think it goes really nicely with my little antique jars. It also does a great job of catching my rings, my watching and anything else.

I love the little up close detail.

This one is great for the ledge next to the door. Keys, hair bands and whatever else is in my hands as I come in the door, fit perfectly.

While I was at the polishing grind, I decided to tackle my great-grandmother's little pot thing.

Isn't it amazing what a difference the shine makes! Oh and that November 27, 94 is for 1894. Isn't that so cool!
About a week ago, I bought a huge black mirror for above my fireplace and of course forgot to take a picture (bad blogger!). Unfortunately, it was too large for the space. Of course I had measurements with me and technically it fit well, but it was too visually imposing. So anyway, yesterday, I took it back to HomeGoods and bought a new mirror. I'll write a whole post about that soon- I'm expecting it will be quite the process because the hanging materials are ridiculous. Anyway, while I was there I also picked up these pillows.

Of course, the bedroom and the bed is still a work of progress. I want to get a few larger/smaller pillows with texture, ruffles, etc.

So, thoughts???

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