Thursday, September 8, 2011


I'm sure this is the girly side coming out of me, but I find decorating the furniture and accessorizing to be almost more fun than anything else in the apartment/house process. Well shopping is definitely up there, but you get the idea.

Yesterday we left off with curtains and furniture, so today I will start in the bathroom. To go with the blue and white shower curtains, I bought large white towels and then these small ones from Bed Bath and Beyond. I also got the tissue box cover and a matching trash can, cup and soap dispenser (not pictured).

From HomeGoods, I got this pot. It was actually intended for plants, but my mom suggested it for utensils and I think it works perfectly!

I think an entryway mirror is essential for last minute touch ups and checks to make sure there isn't pen on your face or what not. This one is a hand-me-down from my parents and works great for the space.

This close up shows the texture and pattern around the outside. I think it ties in really nicely with the brown tones in the chest beneath the tv and the recliner. It also adds some nice visual interest to the area.

I needed to tackle the lighting problem in the bedroom immediately, so I got this lamp at Walmart...

and this one at Home Depot. I like that they are both Oil Rubbed Bronze so they go well together without being too matchy matchy. This one will eventually go on my desk, when I have one.

Ah, the bookshelves. This has probably been my favorite and most time consuming project to date. As you can see, I tweaked almost every shelf and even removed one to allow for more space. The bottom left hand shelf has been left open for books that have been ordered for class but not yet arrived. I think if I were decorating my living room in my dream house I'd probably use less books and only the hardback ones- but the truth is, I'm a graduate student and have and need a ton of books. Not to mention, this is my only book storage. So the books have to be there. Oh well, I did my best to incorporate all of my books in a pretty way. The candles up top are still in flux, in fact, I'm not really sure what I'll do up there. Stay tuned.

Here are the bookshelves on the right. The top right shelf is staying open for a lamp some lighting is desperately needed over there. Also, the cable stuff won't be in the bottom shelf once I get the right tv stand. I'm sure these shelves will be changing a lot, so I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Perhaps my most important accessory....

Clearly he has made himself quite comfortable. That part of the couch is pretty much officially his.

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