Friday, August 12, 2011

The New Apartment: My Vision

The move is still a few weeks away, but if you know anything about me, you know I have been planning. There are more lists on my Iphone than I would care to admit. But for the sake of honesty, I will anyway: there is a RiteAid list (things to get there once I move), and grocery list, a general apartment list, a list of notes with information I need for the move, a tentative moving schedule/plan, and a box list (all of the boxes I've sent and what's in them). I know my whole list thing is a bit of sickness, but it helps me feel less frantic about such a big change in my life and keeps me from freaking out.

Excuse the bad picture quality, it was from a phone!
As part of my on going planning, I visited a bunch of nice consignment stores when I was out in California. I had no luck finding a good couch- they were either too big, ridiculously expensive, or hideous- and I went to LOTS of places. Then, my mom heard about this place called Sofas 4 Less. It's in Martinez and on the way up to the mountains (where I spent the weekend), so we decided to stop there. It was a great place- everything is made in the USA and has a great warranty. They also had tons of sizes, styles and fabrics to choose from and very competitive prices. I originally thought I wanted a tan colored couch, but after looking at their fabrics and floor models, I was much more interested in a charcoal color. It seemed less...brown (obviously), and I also thought the gray would do a better job of hiding pet hair. The above picture is of the fabric color- but that's not the couch. Once it's delivered I'll be sure to show it in all it's glory. I know not everyone is a fan of the microfiber texture, but I personally really like it. I love my couches, beds, blankets, etc. really soft and squishy. It's also super easy to clean and pet hair wipes right off with a wet paper towel. When you have a dog and a cat who love to snuggle, these are very important considerations! Oh and the company also delivers, so I am going to have my couch delivered a few days after I move in. Yay!

Lucky for me, my new home is also on the way up to the mountains. I wasn't able to see my actual apartment, but I was able to see the model. It was so nice to see where I'm actually going to live and get a feel for the place. I love the grounds and the kitchen is huge compared to the one I'm in now, so that makes me so excited. Plus two other major bonuses: there is an in-unit washer and dryer, and there is also a fireplace!

After my visit, I was really able to narrow down my design plan for my new home. While some of the details are still in the works and I'm not going to nail down my exact color choice until I get into the apartment, I am very excited to tell you about my vision.

So for starters, the bedroom. I really want it to be peaceful and calm. Nothing to bright or bold. I'm thinking the room is going to be something in the blue family.

About a month back or so, there was a great sale on on bedding. I got white sheets, a big duvet with a white cover and a beautiful blue quilt. The quilt is solid blue, with same color stitching in a gorgeous French tile design. As best as I can remember, the quilt looks something like one of the three colors in the second column from the left. So the second to the top color on each strip. The quilt will be draped on the bottom of the bed with the big white duvet and tons of white pillows. I want to do pillows with all different textures and patterns and shapes, but all white so it won't be too busy, but will still have interest.

Then, when I am able to compare these strips to my quilt, I will pick which one matches the best and paint the walls the lightest color on the strip. I want just a touch of color on the walls, which will contrast nicely with fresh white curtains. I also have a large dresser/wardrobe type thingy at home that I'm going to repaint. I didn't want it to be white, because I thought the room would be too light, but I wasn't sure what color would be best. One of my mom's friends, a designer, saw my quilt and suggested the dark gray in the middle of that gray strip. I think it looks beautiful with the light blue. So the wardrobe will be painted that color and then I thought it would provide great balance to DIY a tufted headboard in a slightly lighter shade of gray. That way there will be two dark objects in the room, each on opposite walls. Ok, so that wraps up the bedroom, on to the living room.

I'm thinking a gray theme, with great white and rich wooden pieces. Then to add interest, maybe some red and navy accents.

This picture, does a better job of showing the tone of the gray. I was thinking one of the second rows of gray would be nice. It would give the walls nice color without being too dark. Then of course, I would have my darker gray couch, crisp white curtains (with maybe a little frill or ruffle or something to add a feminine touch) and I want to get a dark wood dining set (although the search for that is still very much on).

There is one long wall in the living room where I plan to put bookshelves and the tv. Sort of like a media/library wall. Bear with me as I explain this. I want to get four of these Billy bookcases from Ikea- which is $200. I know that seems like a lot, especially on a student budget, but I calculated that I will be buying about 30 books a quarter, or 120 a year. My library is going to expand and rapidly. Plus, books will always be a huge part of my life (the title of this blog could hardly be Young Scholar if that weren't true). And frankly, for as much book storage (and file storage, because I will probably get a few boxes to put on the lower shelves) as these babies will provide me, $200 isn't bad. I know Ikea quality isn't always the best, but I'm pretty good at putting them together and even if they only stay with me for 3 years or so, I think it's really worth it.

So, I'm thinking, I'll have two of the book cases on one side, then something like this little guy in the middle to put my tv on, and then two more book cases on the right. Yes, it is a lot of white furniture, but I think with gray walls and a big gray couch next to it, it will provide a nice contrast to the darker parts of the room. Also, keep in mind, with piles and piles of books, files, boxes, pictures, etc. in the book shelves, that big wall of white will quickly be broken up. Oh, and I also have a big, dark brown leather recliner that was my grandmother's to go next to the fireplace, which will add additional dark tones.

Ok, so that's my plan so far. What are your thoughts? Any suggestions, concerns, criticisms, etc.? I want to hear!!!


  1. Love love love! I think your red chair is going to look great in your gray living room! Also, maybe you could find a white fabric with a subtle off-white pattern for your bedroom curtains so they have a little more character :) can't wait to see it come together!

  2. Thank you!!!! I think that's a great idea for the curtains- ikea has some nice options that I can't wait to scope out. If that doesn't pan out, I am going to get some black out shades for the short term and then once I find a fabric I love, I'll make curtains to go over the shades. Glad I have your approval :)!


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