Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Week in DC

For my last week, I've been visiting lots of my favorite places (notice almost all of them revolve around food) and seeing my favorite people. Until last night, I did really well staying upbeat and excited. I have been a little down today- mostly just sad to be leaving the place that has been my home for five years. I will spare you the sentimental babble that is filling my head at the moment, just know it is a very bittersweet transition.

Last Thursday, I kicked off the goodbye week by getting dinner with my bf and then drinks with a bunch of friends at Elephant and Castle. While I will always be partial to the Dublin Elephant and Castle, this one is pretty fun too. Great pub food and the service has always been excellent. Apparently it's also quite a rowdy scene when games are on (particularly soccer).

On Friday, I got lunch with my former boss/best buddy at America Eats. The concept behind this place is unbelievable. It's a collaboration between the National Archives and famous chef Jose Andres. Basically, it has pictures and art all over the walls about the history of American food. My favorites were the old posters created by the government during the war to support gardening and such. The menu is filled with food that has been created by Americans and has origins in the U.S. Each menu item has a history below it (so I spent way too long reading the menu and wanted to steal one and take one home). There was even a list of wines and the history behind the wineries and what they did during Prohibition. Super awesome.

After lunch, I got cupcakes with another buddy at my all time favorite cupcake and coffee place Baked and Wired. I know everyone and their mother knows about Georgetown Cupcake, but seriously, do me a favor and do a taste test. Do a wallet test. See the size of these bad boys? Roughly twice the size of Georgetown Cupcakes- and they are the same price. Plus, in my humble opinion, these win the taste test hands down. Don't believe me? Well, when the White House had to order dessert for President Obama's birthday, guess where they went? I'll tell you this much, it wasn't Georgetown Cupcake. I probably have way too strong of opinions on this matter, but as a self-proclaimed cupcake lover, I will tell anyone that asks, that Baked and Wired is the way to go. My usual go to is Karen's Birthday Cake. It's an amazing chocolate cupcake with vanilla cream cheese frosting. Simple. Decadent. An amazing piece of heaven. So I got two of those to go (one for bf who is also a huge fan, and one for me to have on Saturday in the middle of Hurricane Irene- more on that later). At the store, I decided to try the Chai cupcake. It was fantastic. A tiny bit better than mine- but only because it's huge. I'm very humble, I know :).

Saturday, I spent the day inside. We were super lucky in that we missed the worst of the storm. We never lost power and had no flooding because we are in high ground. Other than some whistling due to the wind, my first hurricane experience was downright pleasant. (On a more somber note, my thoughts and love go out to those who are still suffering or who lost their homes or loved ones.)

Sunday morning, bf and I went to our favorite brunch place, The Front Page. I know it sounds weird (because most people know it as a bar), but they have an incredible Sunday buffet. Basically, I go to eat some fruit and way too many biscuits. I love these biscuits. I dream about these biscuits. I salivate just thinking of them. I've never tasted any other biscuit that even comes close, although you better believe I keep trying new recipes to see if I can recreate the magic.

Sunday night, we got Pho takeout from Minh's in Arlington. Their pho is absolutely delicious and you get two gigantic bowls for under $20. That's one hell of a deal. I'm determined to find a great new Vietnamese place near my new home, but last night's dinner will have to hold me over until I do.

Today, I planned to me another buddy here for lunch. However, the line was insane and the huge crowds of people were a little overwhelming to my rather fragile state of mind, so I grabbed a lemonade and we headed over to Potbellys. Two notes: the fresh lemonade at sweetgreen is amazing. Worth standing in line for, although the cups are tiny, so if you can get refills, do. Two, I love potbellys sandwiches. (Not a particularly special comment, but it's true.)

Tomorrow, I'm grabbing frozen yogurt with my boss/buddy as a last goodbye outing. I expect tears. Drat. I'll get extra desserty/yumminess as a way to feel better. Probably a bad idea after all of the crap I've had in the last five days. Oh well, I gave myself license to eat whatever I want in the last week before I leave (and clearly I'm making good use of this time).

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