Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tonight's Dinner

I don't know if the 20 hours in 4 days spent in the car disagreed with me, or if I ate something weird, or the unusual sleeping patterns wreaked havoc on my brain, but whatever it was, on Tuesday morning I woke up and was sick. Very sick. Lying face down in the hallway because I can't walk and not really sure how to make my way to the kitchen to get some water-sick. Clearly I was not going to cook dinner on Tuesday night in that state. Last night there was definitely an improvement, although the remaining flares of my lingering migraine deemed anything fancy absolutely out of the question. So we settled for pasta with jarred red sauce. Oh the horror, I know, but it hit the spot. Today, I got my act together and with a detailed list in hand, made my way to the grocery store. I do have some new dishes that I am looking forward to trying this weekend and will of course share with you, but tonight, I opted for an old favorite: Turkey Burgers with Special Sauce.

This time, I was a little more casual with some of the measurements, resulting in a higher other ingredient to turkey ratio. The burgers were freaking delicious if I do say so myself. The sauce was also awesome and I have a plan in the works to use the remainders on fish. A funny side note: I wanted to get those thin wheat rolls, I think they are called sandwich thins, but I'm not really sure. The only ones the store had in stock were in the shape of goldfish crackers- hence the reason my bun is a funny shape. Oh well, it added a humorous note to the dinner.

All in all, this dinner was a great re-entry into cooking, it's super easy and fast (like 20 minutes start to finish) and really healthy to boot!

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