Friday, July 15, 2011

Date Night and Harry Potter 7.5

I've been a Harry Potter fan since the 3rd grade. An avid, wait in line for the books at midnight, read each book a billion times, fan. So, a couple of months ago I scooped up midnight premiere tickets online and told bf he was coming with me. Bf likes HP, but isn't crazy about it like me. He was nice enough to be willing to go anyway, so we decided to make a date night out of it.

We decided to go to Bistro Francais, a fun little Bistro in the heart of Georgetown. I hadn't been here in years and I really enjoyed going back. What I love about this place is that it doesn't feel like typical Georgetown on a Thursday night. There aren't screaming frat boys and trashed college students spilling out of the booths and there is a type of understated elegance that is hard to find. It also happened to be Bastille Day, which I totally had forgotten, so it was decorated and extra special.

Bf chose from the Bastille Day specials: mussels, beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and duck pate, and an apple tart. I had the artichoke vinaigrette, Coq au vin de Bourgogne (chicken in red wine sauce) and stole a few bites of the apple tart. Our meals were amazing and I brought my camera intending to take pictures and then got so wrapped up in the food that I forgot. If at all possible, the restaurant ambiance and the food only made me more obsessed with visiting France.

After dinner we walked down to the movie theatre expecting there to be a huge line waiting to get into the auditorium. Instead, they had several theatres open with various Harry Potter start times. I had purchased 2-D tickets for the 12:01 show, but there was only one theatre starting at 12:01 and it was in 3-D, so I saw my first movie in 3-D. I must say, I am not the biggest fan. There were moments with Nagini (the big snake) that were extra scary because of the 3-D and the dragons (both real and made of fire) were cool with the special effects. But most of the time, I didn't notice a difference and there were several moments when I felt that either the glasses were of poor quality or the 3-D wasn't done right so it actually detracted from the movie. All in all, I think 3-D is probably best with animation.

Now the movie, I loved. I think with maybe the exception of the first book, this was the best book to movie translation. The moments felt right and even though they took a few liberties, I thought it was incredibly well done. There were a few moments I wish they had kept in the movie and a few I could have done with out, but all in all I thought it was a huge success.

However, as much as I enjoyed the movie, my experience was actually not as great as I had expected. I thought going the premier night and watching the movie with tons of crazy fans would really enhance my viewing experience. I was totally wrong. In fact, I think the fans really kind of ruined it for me. Let me explain, whenever there was a serious moment, someone would inevitable laugh at something that really wasn't supposed to be funny. That I could have overlooked. But what really got me was the sad parts of the film. Whenever someone died or something was going on that called for emotion, all I could hear were people crying. Now, I'm as sentimental as the next girl and have even been known to be quite the sap. I cry at the most ridiculous things and get mushy over nothing. But some of the girls in the theatre need to learn how to cry silently. I wanted to turn around and say "no one wants to hear you sob out loud". I mean really, is it that hard just to keep your mouth shut as the tears stream down your face? I don't think it is, I do it in movies often.

Maybe I'm being insensitive, but as soon as I felt myself about to cry, I'd hear a loud raspy sob from up in the theatre and I was immediately brought out of the moment. I felt sort of robbed. I wanted to have that emotional experience. I wanted to cry. I wanted to mourn the end of the last movie and what feels to me like the end of my childhood. Granted, I've technically been an adult for a while now, but I always felt like while Harry Potter was around, I still had some kid left in me. I wanted to use the tissues I brought.

Either way, you can bet I'll be watching the movie again once it comes out on DVD so I can enjoy it in the quiet of my home. Did anyone else see HP last night? What did you think?

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