Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to My New Blog Home!

As I discussed a while back, I was having quite a few difficulties with my old blog host. There were constant spacing issues which I couldn't resolve and I was going to be facing photograph storage limitations soon. I have nothing against Wordpress, I know it works great for some people. I just find blogspot works better for my needs and wants. Also, while cooking is still a large priority and interest, it simply isn't my only focus. I wanted to include some of my other passions and make blog friends in many aspects of the blog community. I hope you will all continue to follow my explorations and endeavors here!

This site is still very much a work in progress. As you will see, below are many of my recipes from my old site. I am in the process of bringing my old recipes onto this site, so that past creativity isn't lost!

Thank you for the support! I hope you will let me know what you think of my new blog home. Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, criticisms, qualms, or questions!

P.S.- Sir Winston C. Churchill will of course be joining me, along with a new helper to be fully introduced once I move to California!

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