Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scalloped Potatoes

I got this recipe from a friend, and it was a huge hit! The dish is delicious and really easy. Here is the recipe:

First, I peeled the potatoes and then cleaned them.

Then I sliced them into skinny slices and placed them in a greased baking dish.

Next, I made the sauce. I melted the margarine in a small sauce pot.

Then, I added the flour and cooked the mix for a few minutes.

Then, I slowly added the milk while whisking the milk and the flour mix until the sauce was combined and slightly thickened.

Next, I added the cheese, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and salt and mixed everything together until the cheese was melted.

After letting the sauce cool slightly, I poured it over the potatoes.

I then baked the potatoes at 375 for 25 minutes covered with tin foil. Then I removed the tin foil, sprinkled some paprika over the potatoes and cooked for another 20 minutes. While the potatoes were cooking, my bf marinated the steaks and I prepared a small salad.

After the potatoes were done, I let them sit for a few minutes to thicken.

Then we enjoyed everything and had a wonderful meal. This dish was a great potato alternative and went great with steak!

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