Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coffee Cake

Happy holidays to everyone! I hope all of my lovely readers had a wonderful holiday whatever holiday you enjoy. I am sorry for my brief absence, I have been enjoying some busy family time, as well as tons of cooking! There has been simply too much to document, so I'm going to be writing about my assignments over the past week. This past week has been so hectic, but Christmas yesterday was lovely. I made this coffee cake on the 24th for breakfast yesterday. It is super easy and delicious, although is slightly more complicated if you don't have a cuisinart or some sort of chopping device. I found the recipe a few years when I was browsing on McCormick's website. Here it is:

First, I sprayed the pan with a non-stick spray and then floured it. I also pre-heated the oven to 350 degrees.

Next, I prepared the crumbly stuff for the top. I mixed together the flour, sugars, and cinnamon.

Then I cut up the butter into small cubes and added them to the cuisinart. After you chop it up, the mixture should look like course corn meal. I then set this aside.

Next I made the cake. One of the things I love most about this recipe is how easy it is. Theoretically it's cheating because you use a box of white cake mix. But at the holidays when everyone is busy, who really cares? It still tastes awesome. Anyway, you add an egg, sour cream, the melted butter and vanilla to the cake mix and stir until it's blended. Then you put it in the pan. This step is a bit messy. I use a combination of my fingers and a spoon to push it flat and into the corners. It's not to pretty, but it gets better I promise.

Then, I sprinkled the topping all over the cake. Make sure it covers all of the batter. Then I baked it for 30-35 minutes, I did about 32, or until you can insert a toothpick into the cake and not get big clumps of batter. The cake also starts to pull away from the side of the pan. The picture to the left is what is looks like when it's done. It's delicious hot or cold. For those of you with full fridges, good news! It can be stored covered on the counter. It was a delicious Christmas morning treat.

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