Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cheesy, Salty, Snappy Risotto

I found this recipe when I was surfing my newest obsession: It's actually my secret (or not so secret now that I'm telling you all about it) wish that I'll be featured one day as a food blogger. Here is the recipe:
I must confess, this recipe is what gave me the idea to get the ham in the first place. It was such a good idea and once the ham is cooked it's so easy. Not to mention, it's an amazing way to use some of the leftovers!

First, I started by boiling the sugar snap peas for two minutes, then draining and rinsing them in cold water.

Meanwhile, I heated up the chicken stock. I kept the stock at a simmer, you don't want it to boil, but also want it to be hot.

I also chopped up the leeks. You only want to use the light green and white parts of the leeks. A word of warning with leeks: THEY ARE DIRTY. You need to wash them thoroughly before and after you chop them!

I then heated up some olive oil and added the leeks. I cooked them for about five minutes, added the minced garlic, and cooked for another minute.

Next, I added the rice and cooked for another minute.

Then I added the white wine and let it cook until almost all of the liquid was absorbed. The key with risotto is to make sure you keep stirring!

Next, I added about a 1/2 cup of broth and stirred occasionally until the liquid was almost completely absorbed. Then I added another 1/2 cup and repeat!

Meanwhile, I needed to do some chopping, so my lovely bf was nice enough to stir the risotto for me. I cut up a cup of the ham and then trimmed the ends of the snap peas and cut them in half.

When the risotto was a few minutes from absorbing the last bit of broth, I added the ham so it had a chance to heat up.

Then, when the risotto was ready, I added the snap peas, the Parmesan, and a tiny slice of butter and stirred all together. The Parmesan and the ham both are salty, so if you don't like salt you won't like this meal, but my bf isn't a big salt person and he loved it, so maybe you will too!

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